Cannot set zero

I am still having trouble with my machine, it seems like there are multiple issues going on.
Never the less, I want to MAKE something along with working on the machine.

Here we are today, I disabled the bitsetter (this very rarely has worked correctly and in my opinion has causes some of my crashes.

Simple program, roughing pass then change tools for final finish passes.
Ran great up to the point where the tool change comes in, I noted the position of bottom of the end mill and replaced the tool.

I cannot jog down to set the Z axis to the correct height.
I hit the keep paused button instead of turn spindle on to 16K RPM.
Nothing is working on carbide motion other than the settings tab.

Am I missing something? Just trying to manually run my CNC machine and make something!

And yes, multiple e-mails to support regarding my problems.

If you disabled the bitsetter, then you need to save the different toolpaths to separate g-code files, and run them in sequence, rezeroing Z manually between each tool change.
It looks like you exported all toolpaths in a single g-code file and ran that: this is only possible when using the bitsetter.

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Well that solves one of the problems.

My machine is still missing steps.
It’s only about 2 months old, had a connection on one of the Y axis motors not inserted all the way.
Now it’s the X induction switch that has a bad intermittent connection. Stops the machine from homing correctly.
And the stepper motor still skips when moving from back right corner to front center, also intermittently.

My trouble shooting steps have led me to the connectors, since “wiggling” the wire is breaking the connection. There must be a bad crimp somewhere.

I’m sure support will take care of that connector issue and help you fix it.

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You can create multiple tool files and use an application one og the forum members made to separate your tool changes into separate tool paths so later when you get your machine working and want to run the job again it will be ready

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