Can't accurately set zero

When I set zero before the start of a job – should I be on the bottom inside corner or just off the corner?

I have been going to the bottom inside corner – as close as I can get and still be over the stock. I set zero and clear all. Then I move on to my job.

Every time my project is 1/4 - 1/2 inch too high or two low.

Newbie and not sure what I am doing wrong. The stock size is correct.

If I am eyeballing my zero, I try to center my bit on the exact corner of my part. For “Z” I use what is called the paper method. Bringing the bit down to the material till I feel resistance when the “paper” is moved. Paper is approximately .003 thick.

If doing the center, draw an X on your part and center the bit there.

“Z” zero can be done on top of the part or the bottom, you choose that position in CC on the setup screen of your part.


I don’t understand “bottom inside corner or just off the corner?”

The center of your tool should be directly over the corner or point you chose for your XY zero.
The cutter should just touch the top of stock, or the table if you chose bottom of stock for your Z zero

If you are using the bitzero, make sure you have selected the correct version (1 or 2).
Even with the bitzero, until I trust it I would move the tool down to the part & double check Z zero.

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For an example of eyeballing setting zero see:


If had bitzero, I wouldn’t have this issue, right?? :slight_smile:

Bottom left corner of stock – over the stock or outside the stock?

The CENTER of the cutter goes over your zero point.

If you want more accuracy rather then eyeballing the center, touch the side of the tool to the edge of the part and type in the tool radius as a negative. For a 1/4" tool, enter -0.125


Thanks – I was positioning to lower left in CC. I am placing my bit as you described – minus the paper test.

Then I click “Set Zero”, “Zero All”. Then I click Done. Go back to the Job and Run. It prompts for the bit. Then when it takes off it is usually NOT centered in the X (height of the stock).

I will probably use one of my newbie training calls with Carbide to see if I can figure out what is going on.

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there are training videos online thru C3D, YouTube-Carbide Create, and YouTube.

It can be a daunting time as you get up to speed. Don’t worry, no one hit the ground running the first time.

The Forum here is a great source of help. Ask when you need to. Remember, there are no stupid questions.

The help that C3D offers will get you going.

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I have a watched a ton of videos from Carbide, but don’t remember one where they walk you through setting Zero. It is odd, their “Hello” starter videos don’t even explain how to get G-Code to CM.

Thanks for the tips.

Don’t know if you have found the answer re:Gcode. Load file button in CM, find the file you want and click.

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I did. Thanks. Even discovered a bug. If you save your G-code it saves it over your CC file. :slight_smile: Carbide is aware and preparing a bug fix. There is another recent post on this issue.

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Oh yes, I saw that.

Good Luck.