Can't add a Vee Mill tool type in Carbide Create v288

When I try to add a v-carve tool I do the following:

  • Edit Library
  • Add Tool
  • double click the added tool
  • select Type: Vee Mill
  • click OK

The tool is saved but always reverts to Flat Endmill.

Are other experiencing this?
It happens on multiple machines.
If there’s a solution then please let me know!

Thanks, Travis

  1. Are you filling in all the information (angle, etc?) Has worked great in the past, as well as 3 min ago. Note Tool #12 in the pictures

  2. Did you watch the tutorial videos?

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I did watch the video and I almost followed the directions correctly but now realize that the Angle may be critical. Just now I went back to learn what would be appropriate and the description reads: High-precision Carbide Metalworking CNC Engraving Machine Bits 3.175mm 1/8" Shank 30 Degree 0.2mm Tip Dia Sharp Conical Engravers Cutter V-Bits Wood Carving V-Shaped Bits

The video talked about using half the number.
If I understood correctly then I should enter 15 degrees.
Is that what you’d recommend? Let me know and I’ll give it a try.


Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel. The training video IS the source of the correct information and direction. Just follow the video…

Travis, that is correct. Use half the angle. If for example, you have a 90’ v-bit, you would put in 45. In your case 15. Make sure you add the flute length, which if i’ve been doing it right is the length from the tip to the top of the cutting surface. Once you have all the information in all the fields, click OK and it should be entered. Make sure you are looking for the correct tool number that you entered…you can make that any number you don’t already have. I usually use a 9000 series number for my own custom tools.

The video was completely correct though admittedly the I didn’t properly appreciate its fleeting mention of calculating and entering the angle. Seems to me that if a I choose Vee Mill with zero Angle then I shouldn’t be able to save the new tool. Just switching to End Mill without explanation leads to confusion.

Regardless, the clarifications from Scott and Richard made it possible for me to get results. Thank you. My only other conclusion is I need to add a variety of angles to my cutter inventory as 30% creates a deep and narrow cut.

Discussion of V-bit angle and text size here:

Well a Vee cutter with no angle is a straight (flat) end mill, which it was saving.

Remember the system writes gcode based on the cutter’s geometry, so the angle is very important.

I like 60º and 90º vee cutters myself. Plus the blunt tip holds up much better.

Good stuff Will and Rich, thanks.

So whats the trick for entering a 1" surfacing bit? Every time I try adding the bit it reverts back to 0.125" Diameter.

I was able to add one:

Adding tools is a bit intricate:

If you select a tool before clicking on “Add Tool” the selected tool will be used as a template for the new one.

  • Toolpath
  • Edit Library
  • Add Tool
  • double-click on the new tool to go into edit mode
  • edit as needed
  • Ok
  • close window
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As always your suggestions greatly help. MY error was specifically in the “double-click on the new tool to go into edit mode”

Your bullet-pointed notes are incredibly helpful as I am assembling a few quick tip spreadsheets for myself from the stepwise suggestions and calculators found throughout the forum. I will be sure to send your way they feel complete and I actually figure out what I am doing!