Can't get motivated

On the other side of the state, closer to Illinois.

5 mile from the state line. I am in Kentland if you have ever heard of it.

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I saw that looking at your link and had to look at it on a map. So now I’ve heard of it.

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I’m a Purdue grad, so I don’t know anything about the south bend area on purpose,

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Yeah, except I’m in Southern California and it’s 70 degrees.

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What a bragger :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!!

I know you are looking to reduce cash outlay. I picked up a HERO Propane heater on Offerup. New they are 275.00, got it for 100.00. Used it until I finished my shop with a wood stove. Kept me warm for a few months

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I hear you on the inspiration part, have the same problems. Have everything to do it with but can’t get the inspiration/motivation to start.

Its a combo of cold and winter blues that robs the mind of motivation.

The tube has plenty of ideas for heat-
example convert a discarded clothes dryer either natural gas / electric(FREE from the street curb) go to SIXTYFIVEFORD on tube explains both.
DIY wood burning stoves on tube(cut and downed trees/limbs old wood furniture FREE fuel)

Motion to excite the idle mind is internet searches for new tools, old tools, next generation tool bit design. New composite woods, plastics and metals. Many people air their ideas which you may use or expand on. Work on putting together 3 to 5 new/old products or materials to consider for 2022. Make something using old school hand tools only.

Blaze a new path - take the other fork - change direction

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Sadly, up here in Saskatchewan, for the most part this winter it has been around -30 - -35 deg C!!! (You know, when you take a cup of HOT Coffee and toss it into the air, what falls to the ground is ICE!), I have to shut down my opperations from early November through to Mid April most years!

We are working on a new property in the neighbourhood, where I have a 16 x 24 (MINIMUM) shop planned in our future later this year. It WILL be heated (just not too sure by Electricity, Gas or Propane Heat?). It WILL be a 365 day workshop though!

Can’t wait to put power to my Shapoko Pro this year!!! (Good thing I have the good Ole’ Faithful SO3 always ready for action!).

Wish me luck this year! Enjoy your heated Sheds, Shops, Basements or Garages, Guys & Gals!!! I’ll be there soon enough.

A&M Craftwerks!

Thanks for the reply. I really needed to be reminded there are those worse off in the world.

I truly wish you all the luck you need in your plight for a new shop. (HEATED)
Keep us updated on your progress. With pictures if possible.
Have a GREAT year!

Yes Eric, I intend to have a YouTube diary of the build for the upcoming shop idea! Thanks for your good will & wishes too! Only a few months to pass the time until then!..

A&M Craftwerks!

Same boat (twin cities, MN). My SO3 is in an uninsulated 2nd story porch. Pros: it’s a small space and just a tiny space heater can make it workable.

Cons: just as you said, though, if it’s super cold, that time might be hours and it’s still somewhat unpleasant.

I’m looking to run a gas line to my detached/uninsulated garage this year and finally heat it. It was already insulated (walls and ceiling) when we bought it in 2009 and I’ve also put up CDX walls and sheetrock ceiling and better windows over the past 12yrs, so I’m hoping this lets me do a lot more. My table saw is out there as well and if you thought a CNC was bad in the cold, try feeding wood into a table saw for any length of time while it blows cold air at your hands.

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Best of luck on your plans. I hope everyone get to work as planned in the future.

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