Can't get new Pro to home properly

Just put my new Shapeoko XL Pro together but I seem to be having issues with the homing.

Checked all the proximity switches (check both the red light on the switch as well as the blue light on the controller)
After hitting the initialize button the Z setup works properly, then tries the Y - axis, the gantry goes back and stops as soon as the Y-axis proximity switch turns on - but then it sits there rumbling. Any ideas ?


Did you send the machine and Grbl configuration?

Thanks for the quick response - yes that is exactly how I set it up before homing

Contact us at and let us know that you’ve set the Grbl and machine configuration (let us know the specific settings you used) and we’ll do our best to sort this out.

Let us know step-by-step what it does when you initialize.

Guess I will do that - though last time I contacted support I waited 3 days only to get useless information. Thought if someone else had run into this it would be an easier way to get help.
I noticed Carbide motion I am using is only a couple of days old, is it possible to get the previous build to make sure its not a software issue?

Hi Eric,

Sounds like the y-carriage hits the y limit switch. Loosen the two bolts on the limit switch and move it down as far as it goes and it should be ok😊

It’s not hitting the limit switch - I can move it all the way back manually when its off.

Check the setting again and send the configuration file and make sure to click save or OK. Had this issue with my buddies Pro when I set it up. The button was hidden at the bottom of the window didn’t see it.

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What does the X axis do?
Are the blue lights in the controller on when you home?

Yea I keep checking and keep trying - no change. Seems like people think its sending the configuration that is not working, is there a way to read the information back from the controller to validate that it is being properly updated? (I check the log and its empty - thought there would be an acknowledgement that it uploaded.

When I use the wrench the lights work fine - the blue lights come on (they are normally off). When I initialize it seems to home Z, then Y - so never got to see what happens for X.

Are you sure the blue light that lights up when you trigger the Y is actually the Y? Could you have the X and Y switched?

YEs double checked it was the correct light. Also when the gantry is moving back it stops as soon as the light comes on - it does not try to go any further back

What’s causing the rumbling? Something is moving.

I’m pretty sure X and Y home at the same time, after Z. Unless that has changed?

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That’s very interesting. So I had assumed each axis would move one at a time (that’s how my 3-D printer works :). So it looks like its the X-axis that is not working properly since it is not moving. So I took the motor out to see what it was doing. With the motor out and homing I could see the X-motor vibrating but not turning. Hence pretty sure its a wiring issue . Double checked all the wiring and did find a loose pin t - (see picture) . Tried to push it back in but not really staying. Will look how to fix it tomorrow - but anyone know a good way to get a good connection for this ?
By the way what a great community - would never have thought of looking at the X-axis for this issue.

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Send that pic to support. They’ll get you what you need.
In the meantime, there should be two little tabs on the side of that pin. Make sure they’re not smashed. If it doesn’t stay, try rotating the pin 90°.
Do all of this with the power off.

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