Setting Grbl Configuration in CM 517 and later

Carbide Motion 517 uses a new system for setting Travel Dimensions which is potentially confusing:

Pressing the Load Defaults button takes one to a window which allows one to select first machine size:

and then Z-axis type:

after which selection the Travel Dimensions for the selections made are entered into the dialog and will be preserved if one clicks “Ok” (and of course that change discarded if one selects “Cancel”).

In addition there is a “Send Configuration Data” which actually sends settings to Grbl (the Travel Dimensions are for Carbide Motion to use for features such as Rapid Position). Pressing it brings up another window where one may select first machine type:

at which point the configuration will be sent:

Since it is sent to the EEPROM on the machine’s control board, Canceling out of the dialog will not undo any changes.

It is important that the selections made for the two sections be consistent — one wouldn’t want the machine bottoming out if an HDZ is selected for instance.

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Note that for 517 at this time if using an HDZ it is necessary to manually change the Z-axis Travel Dimension to 140.


I have downloaded 5.17 and am currently on 5.13, the configuration on the eeprom would still be set from the 5.13. So is it necessary to resend the config just because you upgrade to 5.17? From what I see above if you resend the configuration the HDZ must be set to 140 but otherwise when you pick your size of machine the other parameters are automatically set? I will most likely upgrade tomorrow after I see the answers. Thanks

No, the EEPROM configuration is persistent, and once it has been set for a given machine using a series 500 build of Carbide Motion should be fine and doesn’t need to be updated.

@WillAdams, I think you read my mind with this!

I was about to ask why the screens were so different between the installation guide for the BitSetter and reality, then realised I was still using 5.17 rather than 5.13 (which I’d decided to revert to), but you’ve explained it perfectly, thank you. :+1:

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Can you tell me what the dimensions will be in order to have the same configuration of what was previously listed as hdz reduced x travel (ball screw) for those of us with a pwncnc boot?

The X and Y for that would be the same as for a belt drive or Z-Plus unit.

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Note that the newer versions have additional panes for Options and so forth:

To allow folks to confirm their Grbl configurations, here are the settings for:

Setting Belt Drive Z-axis Z-Plus (inc. Pro) HDZ
$100 40 40 40
$101 40 40 40
$102 40 200 320

The Travel Dimensions for the various machine sizes and options are:

Machine size and Z-axis type X Y Z
Shapeoko 3 Standard Belt Drive 420 430 100
Shapeoko 3 Standard Z-Plus 420 430 95
Shapeoko 3 Standard HDZ 420 430 140
Shapeoko XL Belt Drive 830 430 100
Shapeoko XL Z-Plus 830 430 95
Shapeoko XL HDZ 830 430 140
Shapeoko XXL Belt Drive 830 850 100
Shapeoko XXL Z-Plus 830 850 95
Shapeoko XXL HDZ 830 850 140
Shapeoko Pro XL 870 440 95
Shapeoko Pro XXL 870 850 95

Note that it is possible to increase X-axis travel if using an HDZ w/o a dust collection system which limits X-axis travel. Also, it is possible that it will be necessary to increase the Y-axis Travel Dimension for a Pro to allow it to line up properly w/ a BitSetter.


This is what i see on my machine settings page. i selected machine type Shapeoko Pro XL but there is no drop down for z-axis type.
should i have selected Shakeoko 3 - Z Plus instead even though i have a Pro?

No, at this time the Z-Plus is the only possible option for a Pro, so that should be fine.

ok it sounds like i have it configured correctly but still have homing failure starting with the Z axis with a loud grinding sound and spindle just shakes a bit and goes up and down slowly and then stops.
is it a mechanical issue?
when i swapped the z with x the z moved to the right stopped at the limit switch and made a vibrating noise but didnt pull off. noise stopped after about 5 seconds.

here is link of video of z axis issue on my machine

The motor is acting like it is running on one phase. Go thru the wire harness connector by connector from the motor to the control board. Push pull and wiggle on each of the wires looking for one that is loose, not seated, or broken.

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Contact us about this at if you haven’t already.

ok i will check everything tomorrow morning and let you know.
thank you,
Bill Carlson