"hello World" x axis problem

not sure what I did but the machine finally responding, until…i started the Sharpie sign per tutorial. ran smooth but X stops just about in the center of x axis
wont let me move further to reach left side of paper. (X has not been working properly since i received machine. i did replace all large connectors with spade conn. That did not seem to work. today i unplugged X from cpu ran a test, plugged back in and it worked!!)

Did you configure your machine for both Machine and Grbl configuration?

Please see:

i just switched back to default values and it seems to work.
gonna try the print out now
i had read on here to switch values to 420.000 and 430.000
so ive been trying each for days


One caution for CM 521 for XXL and HDZ. I set the default config and send the config. After sending the config in CM 521 my HDZ would not go below zero. I wrote on the forum and Will Adams advised that the default config for XXL and HDZ is incorrect. The Z when setting defaults is set to 90. Will advised me to set the Z to 140/150. After selecting default config for XXL and changing Z to 140 and sending config the HDZ would jog down to the base plate.

Dont know if this affects any other machine/HDZ combo but be aware if sending default config in CM 521 be aware of this issue if your HDZ wont jog down far enough. My HDZ would jog down to about 2 inches from the spoil board and just stop, no grinding or noise, just stop. It would jog up fine.



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