Trouble with xxl

So I finished my xxl build and drew a small project to get going and go to startup my xxl and boom the z axis drives into the board😡 then I read that I should swap the x n z to stop that and the z drives into the end of the machine in the opposite direction it should.
I’m a little bit beyond frustrated now.

Anyone have suggestions for this?

The suggestion to swap the X and Z was wrong — swap things back.

For the Z going down, this can be caused by multiple things:

  • incorrect Grbl and Machine configuration, see:
  • Z-axis switch stuck on — none of the switches should be stuck on
  • machine up against an edge — move towards the center before powering up

If you continue to have difficulties let us know what your machine does when you attempt to initialize at

I’m on 521 and this machine is literally brand new

Is it configured for the Z plus?

Is the limit switch reported as pressed?

What error message did you see, if any?

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Zplus configued so I don’t know what is going on. I’m not a newb at building! This has me beat right now and I’m trying not to trash it!

What’s your $3 setting?

(also, please don’t hurt your Shapeoko)

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$102 is set to 40, which is the setting for a belt drive, so while you’ve configured your Machine settings, you have not configured Grbl.

Please see:

It’s a two-step process and you have to do both steps with the correct settings for your machine.

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How have I configured the machine and skipped grbl?

That special or something?

$102 is still set to 40 which is the Z-axis setting for a belt drive — please configure Grbl as noted in the link: Setting Grbl Configuration in CM 517 and later

Grbl configuration and machine configuration are two separate steps. You have to do both. Please configure Grbl.

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So where do you find out which version of drive you have? I don’t see anything on that anywhere in the instructions. This would be helpful if different versions exist. As I think back nothing states that there are different versions besides a small notation that a belt version exists. Anyway I really would like to get this going. Any help is fantastic.

You said you have the Z plus.

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I am re-opening your ticket with support and we will do our best to contact you and work through this with you.

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