Is Z Axis supposed to go up or down during homing?

Hey there, I am brand new here, and just got my pro xxl set up… But I cannot get passed my first homing on the machine.

I have doubled and tripled checked the wiring and sent the configs to the machine multiple times. When It starts to home it makes a weird grinding noise. The z axis moves down towards the waste board and stops telling me it cannot find the limit sensor/switch…

Is there anyone out there that can provide me some help, I am pulling my hair out right now.

Thank you in advance!

The homing sequence is Z axis upwards, X axis to the right and the Y axis towards the back. Why your setup has the Z going downwards I don’t know but reach out to support for help if not done already.

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Thank you for the quick response. I did some research and saw that the Z was supposed to go up not down, at that time I had no idea what to do to trouble shoot the issue. Thank you again, looks like I will be reaching out to support tomorrow then.

We staff the support queue evenings, weekends, and holidays as best we can.

Most likely you need to send the machine/Grbl configuration:

William, thank you for responding.

I am using build 536.

I have sent the configurations to the machine multiple times today. However, at no time did I ever have a pop up that asked me to select a Z-Axis type…

Send the Grbl configuration as noted at the link above.