Newbie here. First attempt to initialize machine failed

Hello, I’m having an issue initializing the machine. I get a GRBL Error: Homing Failed, couldn’t find limit switch. I’m not really sure what to check.
Thanks in advance.

There are vastly more experienced people on here than me, but - assuming you’ve followed the construction guide precisely - the first thing I would check is to see if the proximity switches are actually working.

If they are from a newer machine, and with the machine switched on (not the router) hold a metallic object close to the proximity switches, and a red LED in the body of the switch should glow. If it doesn’t, they may not be connected properly in the control box - it’s quite easy to misalign the plug onto the header.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve tried that, others will be here to help you further :+1:

I checked the proximity switches and all 3 are working

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One other thing to check is that you’ve sent the configuration to the machine.

On a fresh install of Carbide Motion on a new machine, or a new machine that’s never been spoken to, you need to pick the correct machine type and Z axis in Carbide Motion and do “Send Configuration”.

On the instructions for proximity switches the instructions tells you to mount the switches rather high. Sometimes the position of the switch will make it not connect when the metal frames are met. The test to see if they work is to put a metal wrench next to them and the light on the switch comes on. This tests if the switch works but not if it is adjusted to the right height.

Turn your machine off so you can push the gantry around. Move your machine to the initialization point, upper right corner. Look at your X switch and see if it is close to the frame and same for the Y switch. Adjust them down so they are close to the frame with interfering with going to the home position.

The Z switch is a little harder because the Z axis is not as easy to move. You can twist the screw and get the machine up to the top and check the position of the switch.

To check the switches move your machine all the way to the back right corner and move your Z axis up all the way and turn your machine on. Do not initialize. Take your controller cover off before you power your machine on and attach all the cables and see if your lights are on for the proximity switches. You can adjust your switches until the lights come on.

One more thing that can cause this is the configuration. with CM 536 you can turn on your machine, connect and stop. Go to Settings and pick your machine type, Z axis and in the second tab pick your accessories. If this is your first power on the do not pick BitSetter. You have to set up the position before you check the BitSetter. If you have a BitRunner check the automatic setting, Then go back to the first tab and “SEND CONFIGURATION”. It will take a few seconds and your CM screen will return to the Run and you can try to initialize.


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Did you configure your Machine and Grbl settings?

Thank you gdon_2003 that took care of it.

Thanks to everyone for the quick replies. I’m good for now!!

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Famous last words. :grinning:

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