Shapeoko Pro X axis

Just completed putting the machine together. I tested my sensors and the control board lights up correctly. When I use Carbide Motion (536), and updating it per instructions, the machine doesn’t stop moving to the right. I have to turn it off to make it stop. Any ideas what I missed?

Does the machine actually trigger the switch?
Make sure it’s in the optimal sensing location.

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Here is a doc I made for troubleshooting new proximity switches.

homing_problems.pdf (1.2 MB)

In the second part how to adjust v-wheels.

Did you send both the Machine and Grbl configuration?

If that doesn’t help, let us know at

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I found the problem, the x and z motors were labeled in reverse. It tried to do the Z first but my machine was going to the right.


Power button seems to not do anything. It’s lit, but pushing it does nothing. I turn the machine on by the rocker switch

Please let us know about these issues at and we’ll do our best to get them sorted out.

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