Y1(left side ) not going allThe way to left

Upgrade to HDZ. The y left is not going all
The way over. Stopping with about 3 inches to side
Rail. Any ideas?

I just upgraded to the latest CM but I remember there was a setting for the HDZ that had reduced Y so the Suckit Dust Boot would not crash into the left Y rail. Check around in the config for that setting.

Start CM and connect to your Shapeoko. Do not home. Then go to settings and check your entire config and resend it. In the newer versions a pop up comes up to ask which type of Z you have. Look there for the reduced version for the HDZ.

Sorry I cannot give more explicit instructions but my lights are off after a big snow storm from yesterday and I am running on generator and the shop is dark.

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Note that in new versions of Carbide Motion setting the Machine and Grbl configurations are two separate things. Please see:

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