Newbie problems

Heya guys,just set up my xxl shapeoko and tried to connect to laptop and its saying "GRBL error,homing failed,couldnt find limit switch,any advice for a newbie,checked the wiring,all seems ok,its fresh out of the box,limit switches arent lighting up,am I misding something🤦‍♂️

Make sure you’ve sent the machine configuration per the assembly instructions for your machine: Shapeoko Quickstart Guide - Carbide 3D and that the configuration matches your machine and its accessories. Configuring a machine using Carbide Motion 5 and for 517 and later: Setting Grbl Configuration in CM 517 and later or see the ~14 min. mark of this video: Shapeoko Pro Assembly Overview - YouTube, for the Pro see: Sending Config Settings for Shapeoko Pro - YouTube and — Note that it may help to temporarily disable or disconnect accessories when troubleshooting.

There is a basic page on troubleshooting the homing switches at: Home Switch Troubleshooting - Carbide 3D

There is also a Carbide 3D Answer video: Basic Shapeoko Limit Switch Troubleshooting - YouTube

For the new inductive homing switches: Troubleshooting: Proximity Switch Troubleshooting - YouTube and Adjusting: Adjusting the Proximity Switches - YouTube

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