Cutting 2" letters

I am wanting to cut this font about 2" tall. I attempted the #302 vbit today. That was quite ugly. What bit should I start with? Do I make it a pocket toolpath?

I would pocket that or advanced vCarve depending on how I wanted the end result to look. I usually like the advanced vCarve since it pockets the center but then softens the edges with the vbit.

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Sorry for the newbie questions! If I do advanced, do I use 2 bits? Or can I just use one?

You can use just one and then it usually just follows the outside of the path with the vbit. If you check the box at the top it lets you add a second bit that will pocket the center and then soften the edges. This only works if you have the bitsetter though I think. Did yours come today? I think I remember you saying it was on the way.

Yes I’m hoping to set it up sometime tomorrow. If I just use the one bit do I leave tool #1 off? Do I set the max depth to the depth of my stock or just leave it at .1?

Yeah if you only want to use the vbit then you don’t check this box at the top to “Enable area pocket tool”

You don’t set the max depth to the depth of the stock. Setting to 0.1 is probably good but it depends on how deep you want the carving to go.

Oh, and don’t worry about newbie questions. Everyone has to start somewhere. This community is very helpful.

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Thank you, I will give this a try tomorrow!

and hopefully figure out the bit setter too.

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Advanced V carve requires a BitSetter. I cannot remember the user but I think Fenrus has a utility online that takes an advanced v carve and makes two separate files so you can still achieve advanced v carve without a BitSetter. Just search the forum. Sorry if I botched the user name.

May the force be with you.

Thanks for mentioning that @gdon_2003 . I did not know about it. Did a quick search and it looks like here is the post talking about @fenrus 's tool. That could be really useful for people who don’t have a bitsetter yet.

I installed my bit setter. What bit would I use for toolpath #1 if I’m using #302 for Toolpath #2. I have these bits: #102, 112, 201, 251, 301 and 302. Is there something better for what I’m trying to accomplish?

A #201 should work well if it will fit in the areas you’re trying to cut, if not, use the #102

I enabled the bitsetter, what location do I put it at in Carbide Motion?

Jog manually to where the BitSetter is located, then in the configuration menu you should see a button to use the current coordinates to store the bitsetter location

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I tried to jog all the way there and it stops, like it’s stuck. It won’t budge forward anymore. About 6" away from the bitsetter.

You may need to adjust the machine dimensions to extend the max value slightly for the Y dimension, to allow CM to jog far enough to the front?

EDIT: I failed to read this

6" is way too far, chances are you did not set the machine dimensions yet/correctly ? See

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I figured it out. I now see my blue wire on my bitsetter is not connected… ugh!

You mean at the connector level on the controller side ?
If so contact and they will take care of this

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Yes, the extension part that I plug in, not the bitsetter itself. I’m sending them an email now.

But I did get the machine dimensions corrected!

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