Cant open svg files from etsy into carbide create

Hey everyone, I’m sure its something I’m doing wrong but I ordered a few svg files from etsy and when I try to open them up in carbide create they don’t show up. Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong? Thanks

Usually when SVG files don’t open it’s because:

  • they are a pixel image in an SVG wrapper (current versions should warn about this)
  • they are made up of objects which are stored and referenced internally — clone is the terminology used in Inkscape

Post the file here or send it to and we’ll figure this out w/ you.

Thank you for the reply, I will email those to you right away!

As suspected, the files were made using Silhouette:

<!-- exported from Silhouette Studio® Business Edition V4.4.476ssbe -->

and it was necessary to open them in an SVG editor, ungroup them, and then decompose everything from Clones down to Paths — in Inkscape the commands for this are:

  • Object | Ungroup
  • Path | Object to Path

Buying SVG files from etsy is dicey. I have bought images that the vectors are not connected and it would take hours to fix. Other SVG files are not SVG at all. The other issue with etsy is some of the images are copies of others work that are copyrighted by the original owner and the seller is ripping them off and by extension you are ripping off the original owner.

Warning about searching for images on If you are searching for images on google you had better have security software installed on your computer. Many of the images are only bait to get you to go to malicious sites. My Norton 360 warns me of these traps but if you dont have any warning you click on visit a site button and go to bad places. FYI


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