Can't reach the Z axis switch on initialize

Hi all,
I just finished installing the new HDZ and when I go to initialize the Shapeoko, it stops moving about 1-1/2" from the top before hitting the z switch and gets stuck. I cant get it to home until that switch connects. How do I send a command to drop the Z so I can loosen the linear rails to adjust tightness.


When you try again (from the current position), does it move at all?
Did you select HDZ when you set it up?

Hi Neil,

The motor just stops and hums about 1-1/2” from top.

I was able to put in a z=10 command to drop the router. Then I loosened the linear rails and then told it to initialize and then it worked. I slowly moved the router from top to bottom and tightened the screws on the rails as it went down and raised it to do the bottom two. But it still gets stuck before hitting the Z switch. If I loosen the rails ¼ turn it works. How do I get it to where it needs to be set?


Yes, I did check the HDZ check box before initializing and sent the code to the controller.

If I loosen the top two screws on the rails on each side, then it works properly.

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I’d loosen all the screws, run it through it’s entire range a couple times and then carefully tighten the screws.

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Found this on YouTube


That guy seems like he knows what he’s talking about.
If your having trouble, it’s probably worth the disassembly to get it right.

I had to do this on mine. And it took several attempts, I did accomplish after it was installed on the machine, just loosen up top screws move down and loosen rest. Slowly tighten after moving up and down several timeS. Slowly tighten and continue to move up a and down…


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