Can't see the Offset Direction option

Hi guys, I’m new to the Carbide Create community and have a problem. When I create a toolpath in CC pro I cannot choose the offset direction. The option doesn’t even show up. This is even more strange because up until a couple of days ago I was able to see it. Have any of you had this issue before?

Here is a screenshot of what I see when I click “3D Rough” to create a toolpath.

I’ve tried reinstalling CC, redoing the toolpaths and restarting my computer. No luck. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Carbide Create doesn’t afford control of offset direction for 3D toolpaths.

Will - What is the Toolpath Settings Angle used for? I’ve never tried it.

Where do you see that? In which version of Carbide Create? How is it reached?

I copied from the image @Jstirling had posted. But it’s under Toolpath -> 3D Finish.


Filling it in and clicking apply duplicates the finish toolpath with a new version at that angle:

So this could be used to offset the toolpath direction, correct?

Thanks for the ideas guys. I lost internet for awhile and just got it back up. Looks like I was confused thinking CC allows offset control for 3D roughing :man_facepalming: Offset control can only be used with Countour tool paths. I realized this just after starting this thread.

Changing the settings angle is an interesting idea, I’ll have to try it out.

Thanks again for the input!

Sort of, I guess you could rotate it 180 degrees.

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