Can't start Carbide Motion

I am trying to start the Carbide Motion application on Windows 10 and can’t seem to get the application to launch. I have build 412 installed (prior to this I had another build of Motion 4 installed and also couldn’t get that to launch).

When I attempt to run the application, no application windows appear and no errors occur. Nothing seems to show up in the task manager. I’m at a loss on how to debug this.

I am running Windows 10 Pro on a Surface Pro 3. Windows version 1709, build 16299.125.

That’s really strange — we’ve had a number of folks running this on a Surface, and I know at least one developer has one, so it really ought to work.

The community has some notes at:

Requires Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 which may be downloaded from: if it doesn’t get installed by setup.[24] it may be necessary to install the 32-bit version of the libraries by hand on 64-bit machines.[25]

Error message: The program can’t start because msvcp120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. See

Carbide Create shares the same requirement and may install this DLL.

OpenGL — the libraries used for this and Carbide Motion require OpenGL for 3D rendering and may cause crashes if not up-to-date. If possible to over-ride app settings software rendering may be an option:

Some problems may require .NET

I figured it out - I previously had Motion working back in November but have since installed some National Instruments software which came with Visual C++ 64 bit and a ton of other shared resources. After removing the National Instruments software (and its shared resources), Motion now works, however both the the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Visual C++ are still installed on my machine

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I also had National Instruments installed and had the same problem until I uninstalled NI. it was likely the shared resources causing the problem

Just tested Eric and Dan’s experience on my own machine running win10. I’m glad I got this working, but I am super sad I had to ditch the NI stuff. I’ll have to revert back to the NI installations at some point as they are more important to me. I have zero knowledge of computer applications and their dependencies. Is this something that can be fixed on my end or should I abandon the thought of >cm4 playing nicely on a machine that needs to do other things as well?

thanks for any insight…

I had a similar problem last night. Juat got my S3xxl and got it assembled and went to install cm4 and at the end it says driver install failed. The name of the driver is carbide3d with some other text.

I know nothing of computer programing and my knowledge is basically google and the programs i use for graphic design.

I guess Microsoft c++ 2013 is required and on my app manager i had like 8 different programs with this same name so i dont know whats the big deal…

On a side note my computer really sucks and every time i try to use my device manager it says blocked by administrator AND I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR!

Maybe a new computer is needed

I too had to remove National Instruments to get to work.

Any chance there will be a fix for this? Use a Nomad at work and just purchased a Shapeoko 3 for home use and can’t start carbide motion. I also have NI installed, and absolutely cannot uninstall it. Do I really need to buy a new windows machine just to run carbide motion? Hopefully there’s another solution out there…

Does Carbide Motion run on Windows IOT by any chance? A raspberry pi solution would be a good cheap alternative.

The new build 414 has some changes which may help, depending on the nature of the conflict with National Instruments software.

There was “Carbide Connect” announced a while back on the blog — not sure when it’ll be announced as a product though.

Until then there are some other options:

Thanks William!

Forgot about the betas, build 414 launches. We’ll see if it works, but at least it doesn’t crash on startup.

Thanks so much.