Can't Update GRBL to 1.1 on my Shapeoko 3

I have installed homing switches and they appear to be working, I can home. I am ready to try to update the GRBL to 1.1 so I can use Carbide Motion 4. When I run the update program everything stays gray, no green check marks. Nothing happens. I am connected to my machine and it is powered on. When I click the Search For Machine button the Scan Ports green check mark will always appear and also Confirm Reflashing. If I select my machine while holding the z-axis limit switch in, nothing happens, have held for a couple minutes. Any ideas? I am stuck.

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Please try one of the other flashing programs:


Or the Arduino SDK: per

You can grab a copy of the hex file from:

If that doesn’t work, contact — suspect you don’t have a bootloader loaded and we’ll need to swap out your board (unless you have a spare Arduino or a special tool for programming the bootloader).

After we download the uploaders…what settings do we use?

Please see: