Canva SVG not working in CC

I use Canva a lot to remove backgrounds and create files. When I save as an SVG it will not import into CC. I get a message saying that import error.(message attached). I also have attched and SVG file that I made for reference. Has anyone else come across this? TIA


Just saved the image you posted here and was able to import into Carbide Create V7 Build 726 with no errors.
File attached
B’sWoodWorks.c2d (244 KB)


Well sh*^. I will check and see if I have an update available because I have tried several files with no luck.


Here’s a cleaned up SVG that should work. Used Inkscape to clean it up.

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It imports, but as noted, would need to be cleaned up — no need for a 3rd party tool thougH;

Just use Trim Vectors to remove what isn’t needed:

Then use the Join Vectors tool to close the paths:

Attached as a v7 .c2d file:

bs_woodworks.c2d (244 KB)

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