Carabiner wedding gifts

(James Rieger) #1

Someone at work approached me about engraving carabiners for wedding appreciation gifts for his Groomsmen. Has anyone out there done this and if so where did you find a carabiner with a flat spot suitable for engraving their name? They want the carabiner to be suitable to climb with also, so the keychain type will not work.

Thanks in advance!



(Terry Morris Carlsbad, CA) #2

First you need to make sure these are for novelty use (keychains and such) and not for actual climbing. You won’t find flat climbing ones and even if you find real ones you could engrave, I would not as you risk altering the structural integrity of them. Then you can find blanks here:

Or here:

Or if you have time you could go to Aliexpress and search for stamping carabiner or engraving carabiner but expect to wait a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 8 weeks.


(Neil Ferreri) #3


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(KSLE Pilot) #4

Maybe you could make some tags and put them onto the carabiners?

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(Luc) #5

I’ll echo the same caution, in addition, there are a lot of different quality carabiners and by supplying them, you put yourself at risk of liability should something happen.


(Neil Ferreri) #6

What about a really nice box for a high quality carabiner?


(Anthony Waltz) #7

I would not as you risk altering the structural integrity of them.

No one is using these carabiners for anything like that. There’s usually a label on the packaging that specifically says “Do not use for climbing or lifting objects” or something like that. They’re strictly ornamental.

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(James Rieger) #8

Thanks to all of you for the quick advice, ideas, and the links to suppliers! We will have to brain storm some more and figure out how to move forward. I like the nice box idea!


(ryan harrison) #9

I know this probably doesn’t help but it probably makes more sense laser mark something like that. If you don’t have access to a laser many sign shops might be able to help you. Best of luck.

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(James Rieger) #10

This is one that my wife bought for me a while back and I am going to show it to them to see what they think. It is a utility grade carabiner so they would not ever use it for climbing plus it has nice flat areas for engraving. The other side is blank with no logos. It is really handy to keep on your bag.

I do not have a laser yet but that is next, just not sure which one or what power to go with.


(Ken Cowan) #11

Hi James; These were on sale

at Harbor Freight this past weekend. I will add the link:

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