Carbide 3D Blog post on Carbide trim router



32,000rpm you say? :thinking:

Yeah, I found that deviation from the Makita specs surprising and suspect it’s a typo.

Wonder if there’s been any testing for brush life expectancy?

Is this a rebrand from the same manufacturer?

You’d have to get confirmation on that from @robgrz or @Jorge or @edwardrford

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To expand on that a bit, there’re a bunch of what seem to be clones of the Makita RT0701 as listed at: — the MLCS Rocky 30, at least initially used images of the Makita in the instruction manual.

I’m looking to purchase a xxl this week. I just noticed this when the dewalt option was no longer available. Has anyone tried this unit yet?

Looks like a longer power cord than the generic Rocky has which is nice. I ended up returning mine to Amazon because the cord was too short for my XXL and Home Depot had a sale going on for the Makitas. Didn’t want to mess with adding a longer cord on top of the machine set up and enclosure building projects I have going on.

It would be nice if the Makita had lights on it; I need to see if I have a LED ring that could be made to work. Clearly what the Shapeoko needs is some WS2812B love!


Now I’m imagining the possibilities.

  • Easy: Change the lighting based on spindle speed PWM value.
  • Harder: Using something or other, adjust the lighting based on the Gcode being run (feed rate, for example).
  • Awesome: Make the lighting follow the router like a comet, like the old FoxTrax NHL glowing puck complete with comet tail on rapids. :rofl:

(A thread on the Carbide Trim Router ends up generating a machine vision and digital projection project? No, I’m NOT going to be doing this… ever… probably… okay, not soon, at least… I hope?)


…I think I’m going to like it here. You guys understand what’s important!

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