Carbide prices

@WillAdams why are v-wheels $8 for 2 but you van get the entire maintenance kit for 30 and it comes with 16 v wheels? Am i missing something? I just need some more wheels for ny 3xxl have plenty of everything else to spare but thought I would just ask. If I am. Ot missing anything I will for sure do the maintenance kit but wanted to ask here first.

At a guess, the rationale here is that we have to cover the time for the folks pulling, picking, and packing somehow — the less-expensive an item is, the more overhead impacts its costs.

I’m faintly surprised that we have the V wheels separate at all — but I guess that enough folks have asked for them apart from the Maintenance Kits that it was just the path of least resistance to add them to the shop (which is I believe, another expense in our shop software/contract).

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Makes sense to me with that breakdown! If nobody has told you lately us older customers and I am sure the newer ones as well really do appreciate you on this forum as much as you are! Thanks bud!


FWIW, for two different stretches of time I’ve worked in an Amazon Warehouse — it’s rather amazing how well they’ve managed to scale up the whole picking/packing/shipping thing (and beat up on the companies doing shipping in terms of prices) — but that tends to have a rather distorting effect on perceptions of pricing/value (says the guy who is so old that once upon a time he owned a book which had as its subject “Specialty Mail Order Catalogs” — my kids were quite amazed by it.)


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