Carbide 3D Community Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All just a thought but can someone at carbide do something to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the community, or failing that make it a sub link so it appears under Carbide 3D. It took too long to find this originally, and theres A LOT of good information here! I feel like showing a vibrant community would encourage more people to invest in the Shapeoko and the Nomad. It also might help owners find the community easier.


When writing a technical document it is common practice to use the full name followed by the abbreviation in parentheses to education the reader…something an engineer would know. Now the assumption: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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@RichCournoyer Good point, I assumed that all the young whippersnappers on here know what SEO is, and context makes a difference. Honestly I’m embarrassed, I haven’t had to actually do that outside of publications. When I teach classes I’m used to everyone being in the same vernacular, you don’t get on a forum :joy::joy::joy:. I have corrected it for the uninitiated, and yes SEO is in-fact search engine optimization.

For more information on SEO see This Article


Ok, you are forgiven…from one Eng to another…I also completely agree with you … there is SO much great information here…and perhaps 80% (plus) of the questions have already been asked. I for one cringe that my Command F doesn’t verk like I expect, but I don’t have the answer to the fix. For now, I use Google and the Site: search function to assist in my forum search.

I also realize that many of the noobies are too lazy to actually and or not savvy enough with their computer skills (oh man I have seen some woodworkers with all thumbs…or is it only thumbs…lol) to search for the answer that has been asked dozens and dozens of times before.

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Not sure how much easier we can make getting here:

  • start at the company web site:
  • read all the content and get to the footer
  • click on Forum under Support

A further concern is how does the naïve user know what terminology to use when searching — it’s not like we can expect them to read and understand: before posting.

Most of the posts are linked to from the wiki which sort of has a structure/hierarchy, others I just remember from certain terms and find with a search when I need to link them. The folks in charge want to limit discussion here to what’s topical/current, so that’s a balance we’re still trying to work out.

Or…no thumbs…


@RichCournoyer I know what you mean about the search function. I found a great post with a G-code snippet l needed, forgot to book mark it, now for the life of me I can’t find it. Damnit @Griff I was typing that joke as you posted it :rage:.

@WillAdams I think that’s the problem is the fact it’s in the footer and under support. I only found it because I had a specific problem/question. While it started out as a support form I think it is growing beyond that based upon what the community has been posting. Personally I would move it to a big ol’ thing in the header, and out of the support section. Commit to the ‘Community’ aspect, and yes, while there is support here, there’s a lot of creative projects and genius hacks!


I’m just an old woodworker (with all his thumbs and fingers), what I’ve found over the years is to search outside whatever forum you have a question for. Google generally works better then forum search functions. I’m sure this is not news to most but it was a revelation to me years ago.

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We are committed to the community, and this forum will remain (and the original Shapeoko forums are also still open and available for folks with both current machines and the older Shapeoko 1 and 2s: )

It’s something of a balancing act, and I believe one reason things are set up the way that they are is that the forum is a community thing, and a bonus, and not a primary source of support, and unofficial. We don’t want folks to get a bad perception of the machine or the company from some statement which is made there by some person who is not a representative of Carbide 3D — @robgrz @edwardrford and @Jorge would have to actually speak to that — above my pay grade. I just occasionally answer support tickets and kibitz on the forums a bit.

Actually I kinda like the fact that this forum is still a bit low-key, and people seem to find they way “naturally” to either here or the FB group depending on their interests and habits.


@WillAdamsI fully understand the balancing act, and the community here is awesome, This is actually the first time I’ve ever even joined a forum to post something :slight_smile: . When I was shopping around for CNC routers stumbling on this forum would have snitched my purchase much earlier. I mean you have a hell of a good product and better support tan I’ve ever seen from a company. Throw open the doors and let em’ see what you’ve got I say!

@Julien I get the low-key vibe, and it’s nice not to have a bunch of trolls roaming about… but ‘naturally’ in my case was over a year of wondering how only a shady, unofficial /looking/ wiki page was the only source of information. I didn’t even realize it was an official source of information until I arrived on here but I digress. I feel like there may be current and potential owners that are/will be out of the club simply because this isn’t that easy to find.
But then again maybe I’m just bad at using AskJeeves, so I’ll hop off my soap box and leave this to the more interwebs friendly crowd. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m here now and I plan on taking full advantage of this community.

4 Likes should be higher on search results than the wiki for most searches — if you’d let us know which terms weren’t thus, we’ll have to see what can be done.

One thing which I have been meaning to do for a while is to ensure that each docs page has a matching link to it from the matching wiki page(s).


Ya adding links to the Doc page would have been awesome!
I did find the docs before the Wiki, but when I started looking at less supported things like VFD spindles the Wiki was more prevelent.
But honestly the information on here is more rich and first hand experience beats the Wiki.

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