Carbide 3d does not provide discount


I recently ordered a few new Mill Ends (getting the next smaller size for detailed work :slight_smile: ) and noticed the Apply Discount edit box on the Cart Checkout page. I read the FAQ and totally understand (and even agree) but if Carbide 3D doesn’t provide Discounts why have this edit box and make your customers believe you do. Thus causing use to waste time searching the internet for a Discount Code that doesn’t exist. :frowning:

Suggestion would be to either simply remove the Apply Discount Code edit box or hide it.
I know the typical response “The Order Site is owned and managed by another company.” but they should give you the option to remove/hide this functionality since Carbide 3D is their customer. :slight_smile:

Just a thought, trying to help improve Carbide 3D.
The DougMan
Ex-Microsoft/Google Software Design Engineer in TEST

The apply discounts does work if you have a discount code. Those discount codes are provided by C3D for various reasons. There are a lot of applications on the web that try various discount codes that never seem to find any usable discount codes.

So if C3D provided a discount code at their discretion then the discount is applied. However I am not aware of any discount codes for sales or other promotions given in the past by C3D. They do have sales from time to time but do not require codes to get the sale price.