Carbide 3D Flip Frame for 2 sided machining

(Scott) #21

Got it done! Giant Robber for Settlers of Catan finished in Renshape!

Newby to nomad looking to find .stl files for milling
(William Adams) #22

Finally had occasion to try this myself:

Did revise the MeshCAM file to use standard Carbide 3D numbering:

3D RENSHAPE 25 063.tps (2.1 KB)

(Richard Cournoyer) #23

My version of 4-Sided…move and repeat (3 times)…Rough, Finish, Rest Programs for a LOT of programs (somewhere around) 32 programs…


(William Adams) #24

Cool that you’re still working on that! Surprised you didn’t fabricate a 4th axis.

(Richard Cournoyer) #25

That’ll be one of my main focuses at IMTS!

Good memory!