Carbide 3D router wrenches

Having had my shapeoko xl a few months and enjoying the tool greatly, I am rather annoyed at the cheap wrenches sent with the router. Where does one buy a slim arbor and shank open end wrench to fit the narrow shaft. The nut is not a problem as the most metric wrench fit this, just holding the arbor nut is the problem. Would be nice if the router was similar to the dewalt with a push pin to lock the arbor. Tom

Do you have the Carbide 3D compact router? Ours came with the push pin to lock the arbor. I agree a thicker wrench would be nice.

Howdy Tom. If you have the Carbide Compact Router, it does have a lock pin just above the nut.

I bought this and this from Amazon and they work great for the Carbide Compact Router. I didn’t like using the push pin. Having the two wrenches make it easy to tighten and loosen the collet.

Please only use the push button lock to finger tighten the endmill so it will stay in place while fully tightening with a pair of wrenches.

A good quality pair of wrenches is a huge quality of life upgrade.

I bought a wonderful Asahi 11/13mm low profile from Japan (kicking myself for not getting the full set) and also have:

but it’s a bit long and unwieldy and lives in my bike toolkit.

Other options include Husky wrenches from HD and bicycle cone wrenches.

Pair with a good quality 22mm stubby wrench — I picked up a vintage Made in U.S.A. Craftsman full polish a while back and it makes using the machine much more pleasant.

Wait…are you saying that you shouldn’t use the Carbide Router’s push button to fully tighten the collet? Why are you only given one wrench then? In fact, all of my routers that have a push button only come with one wrench. That’s the whole idea of the button, no?

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There’s a matching wrench in with the Shapeoko itself which works, and we’ve begun shipping two wrenches.

So, it’s a 13mm and a 22mm?

For a Carbide Compact Router or Makita RT0701/0700, yes. Low-profile 13mm and stubby 22mm.

For a Nomad or spindle w/ ER-11 collet you’d want a 12mm low profile and 17mm stubby wrench (or a specialty ER-11 collet wrench such as: ) unless one gets the special collet nuts and needs the matching special wrench.

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