Carbide 3D shipping location?

I have twice ordered stuff from Carbide 3D and found it shipped from somewhere in Illinois (Moline).

The area code for Carbide 3D would indicate the LA area in CA.

Does everything ship from Moline? Or is there some warehousing service that ships as close to the customer as possible?

For my first order, I specified FedEx ground service. It got here in one day (I’m in Milwaukee). This time around I picked FedEx Express Saver (three-day) service and it looks like it might indeed take three days, even though the package shipped from the same warehouse in IL it seems.

Not complaining just figured it would be good to know where stuff ships from for future reference in selecting the best shipping method.

We have two locations, California and Illinois.

The former handles mostly Nomads and materials, the latter Shapeokos. Not sure about endmills and other generic accessories (suspect they’re stocked at both locations).

Please e-mail with any questions — the folks on that e-mail actually know this stuff, as opposed to my surmise.

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