Carbide 3D Version of Meshcam

From what I have read utilizing the search feature, I can not use my current version of Meshcam with my Shapeoko 3 XXL as it(Meshcam) was bundled with the Nomad 883 . If that is the case then I will have to buy a license for Meshcam. (Not really happy about it). Here is the question…Can I run both versions of Meshcam on one laptop.? If not, I know in the Carbide 3D version, it had the Carbide Auto toolpath script which I would like to keep that functionality.Any thoughts or advice??

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The way I do this, is I use the Pro license for v6, but the Carbide 3D license for the v7 beta. I’ve switched the license back and forth a couple of times, so no issues in doing that, though it’s a pain.

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Still no reply from support after 2 emails

Ok Im up to 3 emails to still no answer after a week.

Your email about this went into the Help Scout spam folder so nobody saw it. Sorry about that, I moved it into the normal queue.

MeshCAM 6 will work with both machines if you have the Carbide 3D license code.

Thank You, I figured something was up!