Carbide bit zero

I bought a carbide bit zero several weeks ago, and having issues with it. When I touch any metal part on the machine with the bit zero the light comes on. But when I touch the bit zero to the bit probe nothing happens. Has anyone else have this issue?

Which sort of machine is this on?

Please send files showing how the BitZero is wired up and plugged in to

The BitZero works by sitting on your project and the magnet/clip on the metal collet of the router. When the bit comes in contact with the BitZero it grounds the BitZero and completes the circuit and lets CM know the relative position in relation to the internal coordinates established in the homing cycle. If touching the magnet to the BitZero does not turn the green light to red then your magnet wire is either not on ground or the wire is broken. If you have a multi meter or circuit tester it should show continuity from end to end of the magnet and terminal where it is attached to the frame.

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Problem might be solved. I ordered a bit zero for a Shapeoko 5 but mines a shapeoko 4.

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