Carbide Board 2.4 U6 IC burnt

Hello there,

I played too much with my Nomad Pro and while probing for a 24V pin I could plug LEDs in I burnt an IC named U6 and in a SOT-223 package. Does any of you know what component is that ? I hope for a simple LDO…

Before getting a new Carbidemotion 2.4e board I’d like to see if changing this IC fixes the problem. I have to try !

I know I should have been more cautious from the get go, and I will surely need a new board. Anyway I hope you can help.

Unless Carbide3d help you may have a tough time. Someone was looking for similar here:. Reddit link

Hey, thanks for the reply.
I searched both with what’s left of the laser marking on mine a the only picture of the forum that lets see this component but no luck. The board being sold out for now I’m on standby anyway…

NB: U6 is a generic name, it was surely just the 6th active component on the board when they designed it.

Kia431 ? It matches the short code of 3B. I could be wrong tho.

On one of the other photos of a 2.4 board that appears to be an L53B Voltage regulator
TI LM2940 looks to be the device in SOT-223 package type
Datasheet indicates package marking for the LM2940 is the L53B


Definitely worth the try! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


Yeah so for the record, I replaced the IC with a Microchip MIC2920A-5.0WS LDO. It looks like it works but that I grilled more than could be seen with the naked eye. The LEDs of the board light up alright, the serial communication is up and running and the endstops all seem to work but the motors don’t move…

Anyway, thanks for your help. I’m currently waiting for a restock of carbidemotion 2.4e PCBs.

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