Carbide Brand Router

I’m attempting to set up GWizard and they don’t have my machine. Can anyone help me with the Carbide Brand router information. I know some info does not apply. Thanks

Make Shapeoko 3 XXL
Type Router
Make Shapeoko
Model Shapeoko 3 XXL
Spindle Type______________size
Spindle RPM MAX 31410 Min 11000
Spindle HP Max____________hp
Spindle O-MAX rpm time_____sec
Spindle Adjustment__________%
Max Feed__________________ipm
Feedrate per second
Max Rapids________________ipm
Travels x__________in
Acceleration (g)_______
Machine Weight_______lb

spindle HP : the router is rated as “1.25 HP”
Max feed depends on which GRBL params you are using, if you initialized your Shapeoko using a recent version of CM, it should be 393ipm (but a more reasonable/useful limit for actually cutting something is 200ipm)
Max rapids: same answer, but this time 393ipm is fine for rapids
Travel X/Y/Z : stated as 32’’ x 32’’ but that is theoretical and the actual work area and depends on multiple factors, the safest is to manually jog your machine to each extreme and make a note of coordinates. I can’t remember what GWizard uses this for anyway.
Acceleration: check your GRBL params $120/$121/$122, should be 500/500/200mm/s²
The rest I have no clue about, and I don’t think it matter (“O-MAX rmp time” and “Spindle adjustement”)

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