Carbide Compact Spindle just stopped working

I only just got set up the other day for the first time and have only run my machine a few times at this point. I started running a job a few minutes ago and the spindle just completely stopped and the machine started dragging the non spinning bit across the wood. I stopped the job and checked the spindle - on and off, unplugged it and plugged it back in nothing, the spindle just completely won’t work anymore - any guidance on this? I’ve had the machine less than a month and have only been using it for the past week, I can’t imagine the spindle would just give up this easily after working with super soft foam for a week and wood for the first time today.

Any help is appreciated!


Disregard - it was the brushes - replaced them and its working again. Though I am surprised that they went bad that fast.

Does the spindle turn easily by hand? If not, then the bearings siezed up & the motor may have burned out trying to power thru them.
Otherwise, it would most likely be the speed controller in the router went bad. Although, it’s possible a quick connect or crimp connection loosened & disconnected.
In any case, you’ll want to contact C3D support at it sounds like you’re within the warranty period & they would most likely send you a replacement.
My advice, get a backup C3D router or a Makita trim router. I’ve got 3 myself. You never know when a spindle may decide to give it up - some work fine for years while others give it up within a week.
You can also get replacement bearing kits to repair these routers if you’re so inclined.

Wow… I’ve never had any motor go thru brushes like that. Did you notice any uneven wear or marking on the old brushes?