Carbide Copper & multi-tool jobs on Shapeoko

Having grunted through using the PCB-GCODE ULP in Eagle and using it with Carbide Motion and Shapeoko, I’m really curious how this will work in practicality?

This looks really kewl from video and screenshots, and I’m looking forward to giving it a run. What this ultimately gets me thinking about is support for tool-probing and/or touch plates integrated into the Carbide Motion workflow.

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We’ll be adding a way to download each step separately so there’s not just one gcode file to run.


@robgrz, is there a downloadable set of Hello World files to use in learning the workflow of Carbide Copper? It’d be nice if Carbide provided a set of files for etching, drilling, cutting, etc. just so we can learn by using them. Nothing complicated or purposeful beyond getting us to understand. Do such a set of Gerber RDS247X files exist for download? (I thought when I first loaded Copper there was a default file loaded but I can’t seem to recreate that experience.)

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Not quite what you want, but there are a fair number of KiCad files floating around, and here’s the kicad tutorial on how to generate gerbers…


Agreed! Especially to help understand the tool workflow.

The next step would be a basic Kicad file for a simple, standard board with step-by-step instructions starting with finished board design to board ready for solder.


This has been a major pain having to generate multiple G-code files and then run them in a certain order. It works, but it never comes out as clean as you might hope.