Carbide copper - unable to import Gerber files

Hello ;

I’m new in milling PCB, and in designing PCB as well.
I used Altium circuit maker to design a little PCB board as a test, and output Gerber files.

On the promotion video made by Carbide they import .TOP file.
I doesn’t have this kind of file in my export. The most likely to be my file has .GTL extension (Gerber top layer I presume).
But when I try to import it in carbide copper it just doesn’t work.

Does anyone has an idea ?


It’s likely wanting RS274X compatible content (Carbide Copper), and yes, TOP is effectively your top copper layer. Use a 3rd party gerber viewer and ensure the file you’re sending to Carbide Copper is just your top trace/copper layer. Your pic here has several layers in a composite, and likely a screenshot from Altium?

Yes this is Altium circuit maker it’s free. It should export RS274X content, this parameter is checked.

Good idea I tried with an online Gerber viewer.
It can open the layer and show those parameters

maybe one parameter incompatible with carbide copper ?

I’d send off your .GTL to C3D support… the viewer render confirms it’s a gerber top layer. @WillAdams might be a resource as well?

Has there been any improvements in this area? We purchased a Nomad mainly to work on routing PCBs. We use Altium, so it’s come as a shock that Copper can’t load gerbers generated by Altium. We are trying roundabout ways of exporting DXFs to import to Solidworks to export with toolpaths, but that’s a huge hurdle to using our unit.