Carbide Create 474 Download

Where can I download Carbide Create 474

I have 32 bit Windows 10 and the latest version of Carbide Create is incompatible.

Thanks, Bill

Contact, they should provide you with a specific link for that download

I have this same issue and support@carbide emailed me and said that they don’t have the older versions available!!!

Did they supply the link for 474 to you?

Try this link. I used the same format of their current link and just changed the numbers. It did come up with a file to download.
Current Version:

Version 474

I hope this helps :smiley:

I got it!!! Thank you, you saved the day!!


A good reason to archive your software. I trust you have made copies and have them safely stored.

It is boring to make copies and document where they are but when you need them your future self will be very happy.


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