Carbide Create 474 Numbers bug


I’ve just got the Shapeoko XXL, and just started with CNC. I know CAD og 3D-printing from before.

The Carbide Create 474 has a very noticable bug, which I cannot fathom no one else is pointing out.
Is the issue my norwegian windows? I have tried two computers, and two laptops, same issue on every one.

The bug:
Every single place I enter a number, the number will not change, if I try changing after the decimal point. Example: Change from 0.000 to 0.1
Starting poin:

I mark the decimals, and enter “1”

The number is valid, and I click OK.

If I go back to the toolpath,

The new number is reset to previous value:

However, if I delete the whole value and put in an integer, the number is black.
And decimal point is not working at all.

I’m afraid our software isn’t properly internationalized and it requires that the decimal separator be set to a period (.) — it won’t work when the decimal separator is set to a comma (,) — you’ll need to make this change in your OS settings.

This is an OS-level setting.

Mac OS X:

System Preferences | Languages & Region | Advanced | Number Separators | Decimal — change that to a period.


Changing the decimal separator in Windows should be:

Start | Windows System | Control Panel | Change Date Time or Number Settings (left pane) | Additional Settings (button in lower right of dialog box) | Decimal symbol — change that to a period.

If that doesn’t help, let us know and we’ll help you puzzle it out.


Fantastic! I did the change, but same fault.
Did a reboot, and it works perfect!
I really could not understand this bug, could not get anything done!
Thanks again.

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