Carbide Create 527 Beta

Hi Richard,

I’d love a copy of those fonts - but if I click on the download I just get a 404 not found error.

Would you be willing to share the file?

That’s why I left it there knowing that single line fonts are very popular and hard to find…

Well I’ll be darn…where did they go…

I have a copy of them in the Shop. I’ll put them in my Google Drive and post a link here in the morning (if I remember…)

I grabbed them earlier this year here


Excellent - thanks, got them!

Build 529 uploaded to Carbide Create Beta Downloads to fix an engraving toolpath bug.


Testing out Build 529, when I click on the Create Text button the application crashes without warning/error.

I’m on Windows 10 64-bit. The crash happens on a fresh document and after clearing out the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D\ folder.

I upgraded from build 526.
I’ve attached the log file from the AppData\Local folder if that will help at all.

Carbide (487 Bytes)

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I was able to duplicate that in Windows, as well as in Mac OS X — here’s the crash log from the latter: (23.5 KB)

We’ll have a new release out tomorrow AM with a fix.

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New 530 release at: Carbide Create Beta Downloads

This should fix the text tool crash.

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Looks like it’s working for me now. Thanks for the quick turn around!

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Thanks. That was quick. Fixed my issue.

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Thanks for the feedback. Please let us know if you find any other new bugs.

Anyone else missing tools on new build 530? No Boolean or any of the sizing tools.

No…I see everything I’m supposed to see. Since the tools appear / disappear upon selections, make sure you’re actually selecting the objects (multiples for booleans)

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Nope not showing up, works on old build. Just downloaded a few minutes ago. Not working as it should on my end. Even taking overlapping circles generated in new build wont allow booleean.

Restarted Computer and seems to be working correctly now.

Good. When in doubt, reboot.

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