Carbide Create add extra lines?


In the attached picture you can see the preview of a toolpath in carbide create. First I thought the blue lines where “travel paths”, but when I select Show Simulation, the lines seems to be machined aswell. Is this behaving as it should? Any tips on how to fix it?


Carbide Create seems to assume closed paths. Go back to the original program expand the stroke and then reimport.

The original program, do you then point to the original spline I have done? Because its a vector, and hard to expand the stroke for it.

Or is it something else I am suppose to do? I guess I could add toolpaths for each spline instead of a selection of splines - could this do the trick?

Or offset path — which app did you use?

  • Freehand — Modify | Alter Path | Expand stroke
  • Illustrator — Object | Path | Outline stroke
  • Inkscape — Path | Stroke to Path

Blanking on CorelDraw — it’s been a while