Carbide Create and 2.5D on the Shapeoko

I’m having success with 2D machining on my Shapeoko 3 and Carbide Create. Now I’m trying to mill a 2.5 D concavity. The website says Carbide Create can do 2.5 D but I don’t see any instructions or tutorials on how to do this. Has anyone had success with this in Carbide Create?


Might be a semantics thing, but 2.5D is what you’ve probably already been doing. You’re probably thinking of a 3D carve, which, as far as I know CC cannot do (aside from V-Carving).

2D = Fixed Z height, move only two axes (X & Y) pen plotter, vinyl cutter, laser.
2.5D = Two axes moving simultaneously (X&Y). Depth created by changing Z height after layer/pass (3D printer, a lot of CNC router work, straight pockets and profiles)
3D = All three axes moving simultaneously, creating true 3 dimensional movement. (Relief carvings, etc)


By 2.5D, we mean the V carve and texture toolpaths, and the ability to start a contour at the bottom of a previously carved feature.

That’s what I was afraid of. I’ll keep fooling around with SolidWorks Cam 2.5D to see if I can get a usable g code file.


From Solidworks there are supposed to be a pair of integrated CAM options to choose from.

Alternately, export a .STL and use that in a 3rd party tool such as MeshCAM or pyCAM.

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