Carbide create and add tools #301 et #302

Hello everyone,

I can not add # 301 0.50 “V-Bit Cutter - 90 ° and # 302 0.50” V-Bit Cutter - 60 ° on Carbide Create and Meshcam V6.
Could you help me ? Do you have a simple solution to offer me?
Do you have the complete settings of all Carbide 3d tools to install on Carbide Create and Meshcam, or to download?
Thank you for your indulgence.

I believe this is discussed in:

There’s an image at: and text which discusses adding a #301, and notes the underlying concept necessary to understand adding other angles.

For MeshCAM, we’ve been trying to collect .tps files at:

I followed your recommendations but carbide create refuses the parameters of new tools (NAN) .
The software refuses the punctualization of the point but accepts that commas.
Can you help me?

thank you

I’m afraid that our software isn’t properly internationalized. It only works if the decimal separator is specified in your OS as a period (.), not as a comma (,).