Carbide Create Beta 473

We just uploaded Beta 473 to

This is one of the biggest change logs we’ve had to date. We were trying to keep all of the changes shallow but a few of them got away from us and there ended up being some deep changes made.

Let us know if you find any regressions from prior version and we’ll get them fixed.

(We’ll get the OSX version uploaded soon. We have an Apple Notarization problem right now but we didn’t want to delay the Windows version)

473 Changes:

  • (NEW) Contour select for toolpaths respects grouping
  • (NEW) Rubber band selection change - select down and only items contained in the rectangle will be selected (if grouped, any single item will select entire group). Select up and anything intersecting the rectangle will be selected.
  • (NEW) In node edit mode, an “empty click” will unselect all all nodes but not clear the selected objects. If no nodes are selected then the objects are unselected.
  • (NEW) “N” key toggles node edit mode if one or more objects that support it are selected.
  • (NEW) “F” key resets view to cover the job (design + stock). CTRL-F resets view to stock only.
  • (NEW) SVG/DXF import command now remembers last directory used. (Separate from normal file open/save directory)
  • (NEW) After SVG/DXF import, view is reset to show full job.
  • (NEW) Text tool ensures that new text will be dropped into current view.
  • (NEW) Less polyline simplification/reduction for imported DXF files.
  • (NEW) Tool numbers can now be up to 999999.
  • (NEW) Internal checking and error messages if an OpenGL error is detected.
  • (NEW) View->Reset View now resets the 3D view as well.
  • (NEW) View->Fit to Window.
  • (NEW) View->Use High Resolution Simulation. The “Checked” value keeps the quality at the same level we’ve been using. “Unchecked” reduces the triangle count for system with constrained GPU’s or GPU memory. (It’s also much faster)
  • (FIX) Bug where selection state not properly set when importing an SVG file.
  • (FIX) Selection will not be cleared if shift is held and the cursor is clicked on nothing.
  • (FIX) Potential selection optimization for complicated designs.
  • (FIX) Multiple curve nodes can be selected with rubber band.
  • (FIX) When polylines are created with the curve tool, nodes now properly set as “sharp”.
  • (FIX) Math for importing splines in DXF files was changed. Seems more correct but we’ll see in practice.
  • (FIX) Open vectors in DXF files were forced closed.
  • (FIX) Better DXF ellipse handling.
  • (FIX) Implemented Extrusion Direction handling for arcs in DXF. Other element types probably need this too but until we have a file that fails for testing, we’ll leave them as is.
  • (INTERNAL) Changes to main window layout mechanics to get ready to remove the abomination that it QML
  • (INTERNAL) Reworked some of the OpenGL code for simulation and 3D model rendering

Thank you Rob! Will download and do some regression.


Thanks for the suggestions- I’m sure many of the items look familiar to you.

Yup they sure do! If it’s OK, I’ll keep them coming…


OSX version is now uploaded at


Coincidentally, that’s the number of end mills I actually have (I have a problem).
I guess I’ll have to find a workaround for my Amana 1000000.


Just uploaded 474 to

474 fixes the problem where the mode buttons on the left could disappear if the window was rescaled.

Let us know if you find any new bugs introduced in the past few builds. We’d like to make this the “stable” release and move on to the QML Purge soon.

I’m loving these updates! One problem though… it used to be that I could toggle between Design and Toolpath tabs to change whether I wanted to select an entire group (in Design) or just a single object within a group (in Toolpath). Now both tabs select the entire group. Is no longer any way to select a single object without messing with the established groups in a file?

Edit: I’m in 474.

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Two other bugs (that have been around for awhile):

  1. The displayed stepover for a tool generally won’t update once you’ve changed it. Say the default for the tool is .125". For this particular path I want it to be .15". I click edit, key in .15", click ok and the stepover still shows .125". I have to click edit>ok one more time for the displayed stepover to update. This bug is still present in 474.

  2. I haven’t checked 474 for this issue, but it’s been a problem for as long as I’ve used CC. Going in to edit a toolpath and change the starting depth often doesn’t update in the gcode. Say I originally had it starting at 0.000, and now I want to start at 0.200, so I edit toolpath and key in 0.200. More often than not, the exported gcode file will still start at 0.000 and work it’s way all the way down, even as the toolpath shows 0.200. I’ve just gotten into the habit of creating a brand new toolpath if I need to change the starting depth.

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