Carbide Create Boline Causing Crash

The boline function in carbide create crashes the program if I click it twice.
The latest update has been good otherwise. (Build 316) is post in the right place?

I find create wildly frustrating most of the time but use it 99% of the time for tool pathing and use AI or ink scape. I get that the program is not perfect at all but motion /create have been SOOO easy to learn. This has drastically helped with my learning curve of the CNC Hobby.

Please consider trying 403 which is available at:

See: for details.

If you can cause the crash in the current version consistently, send in step-by-step instructions and we’ll try to have a developer look into it.


The issue has stopped although I was consistently getting it to happen for about 24 hours and that’s why I wanted to reach out.

The condition occurred when I was cutting on the SO3 XXL and designing at the same time. I was trying to get the Boline feature to work between two shapes and the program would close.

I deleted 316 and have moved to the 403. I am looking forward to playing with new features and watching the program continue to develop.

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