Carbide Create Bug (Nodes won't delete

I am on a mac running the latest Carbide Create software and I cannot delete some nodes from an imported svg.
Is there any work around for this? I’ve hit D on the keyboard and it removes 1 of the 4 nodes selected but won’t remove the rest of them. When i attempted to run the job, it punched a small hole there, ruining the piece.

See these loose nodes at the bottom right.

Post the file and a screen grab showing the nodes you wish to delete which you cannot.

I uploaded the screenshot in the prior post. It’s that small group of nodes highlighted in black near bottom right quarter.

here’s the file
testfile.c2d (160 KB)

Might have to do with the fact that the entire image is grouped together. Select the image then ungroup. Go the the part that you want to delete, select it, and hit the delete key. No need to node edit.

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You can’t delete the first and last node of a piece of geometry in node edit mode.

As @Ed.E noted you will need to ungroup:

Then select only the geometry you wish to delete:

and delete it:

Ok I see now, it’s an unintuitive strange behavior but i see now.
Thanks for your help.

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