Carbide Create Carbide Forum Mobile Apps?

So this is probably a dumb question, but does carbides forum or carbide create have an iOS app?i know that with the release of arm based Macs, any Mac app will (technically) work with iPhone and iPad as long as the software is set to run on the arm side. With that said, is there an app right now for the forum and or carbide create? I don’t see them but I could also be oblivious. And if they aren’t there, is there a possibility that it could be in the near future? I would love to be able to design on my iPad so I could do work on the go. Thank you!

Our forum software is EDIT: Discourse and there is an app available as noted in the correction below.

Unfortunately, Carbide Create is not available for iOS — you could draw in any vector editor which will export to an SVG though and import that into Carbide Create on a Mac or Windows machine. A CAD app which will write out a DXF would work as well.

The cool kids w/ iPad Pros, Apple Pencils, and budgets which allow for monthly payments use Shapr3D though — just export an STL and process it in MeshCAM.

The app one is weird. I haven’t seen that before. But as for the carbide create, when Apple moves to arm processors and carbide is ported over, will you all make it available for iOS too? I only ask because Apple is making it super easy to port over apps by just using a software they’ll give developers. And seeings that all iOS devices use arm too, is there a possibility it could be on the AppStore too?

My understanding is that to get Carbide Create/Motion approved in the Apple App Store we’d have to send in a machine for Apple to test the apps with — can’t see that happening.

This would be a question for @robgrz the other devs though.

Would you guys be able to release the app on something like cydia? Because if you all make it available for the ARM powered Macs, the files could just be uploaded and sideloaded onto devices. But the reason I question the whole appstore thing is because the app could be classified as a “g-code maker”. I wouldnt think they would make yall do that if its sole purpose was to “make g-code” But idk because it is apple lol. I would just really love the ability to design things in carbide create on the iPad to show potential customers their render of the product, and estimated machine time.

At this point it’s unlikely that we’ll support IOS for Carbide Create. Even if Qt, the framework we use to make cross platform apps, made IOS a very simple porting project, I suspect we’d have to spend a significant amount of time to adjust to the touch/pen UI paradigm used on an iPad, not to mention the time to maintain the port. Ultimately, we can’t justify that right now.

Carbide Motion would be a non-starter because we need access to a serial port.


Ohhh. I was talking more about the whole Mac side of things. With Apples switch to ARM, they’re giving developers the software to port it over, without the developer doing anything but saying yes we want this feature left enabled. With the iPads ability to have keyboard and mouse input, as long as you took the app file from the ported Mac app, it should work because iPhones and iPads are on ARM processors. The Mac apps all have to be ported anyways, because of the instruction set changing. So Apple giving developers the ability to port over x86 to arm, just makes it easier to do an iOS app. I have no clue what y’all backend looks like, but the Mac OS app should be able to be ported to arm macs and iOS just fine. But again, I don’t know y’all a backend and could be entirely wrong. I just know some other people who also want the whole iOS support and thought if it was actually able to be ported over easily, it would be good for everyone. Thank you!

Discourse, not Disqus :slight_smile:

There is actually an app available for the forum: iOS, Android.

It’s very limited though, basically all it does is give you notifications. When you view anything it just opens your mobile browser (though the site works pretty well in a mobile browser).


Whatever happened to the web version of Carbide Motion?

The prior version of CM used a web view with a built-in webserver but it turned out that we ended up having a lot of UI inconsistencies (scaling problems, layout problems, touch event problems, missing key presses, focus problems) so we dumped that and went back to native C++ code for the user interface.

We ended up with a more reliable program and support problems seem to have dropped as well.


Thank you for the app name! Whenever I use it, (I’m using it to reply right now) it isn’t opening up a browser. Maybe it was updated? I don’t really know but thank you! I just wanted notifications. :joy::+1:. Thank you!!!

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