Carbide Create - Changing thickness should update cuts that go to 'Stock Bottom'

If a toolpath is entered with a finish depth of ‘Stock Bottom’, then changing the stock depth to something thicker doesn’t change the tool path. Instead, it looks like the design just captures the depth at that time, and ‘forgets’ that the reason for that depth was to match stock bottom.

Toolpaths set to Stock Bottom should remain at the bottom even if the stock depth is changed.


This is actually a nice feature of Vcarve. I can enter “Z+.005” and no matter what I set the stock thickness at, it will cut to that depth plus 5 thou.

That (and variables) have been suggested previously — I’ll specifically add this.

This suggestion confuses me a little. If you have stock thickness set at .75 thickness and set “Use Stock Bottom” and save the gcode, then you change stock thickness to .80" the saved gcode is for thickness .75" how and why would it resave the gcode automatically. Everytime I made a change in the stock or position of an object I resave the gcode.

Is that the correct procedure when you make changes in the project to resave the project and the gcode?

It’s not really to do with the Gcode, more the project.

  • Create a CC project with 15mm deep stock
  • Create a pocket and click “Use stock bottom” - it populates the Max Depth with 15mm
  • Go to Setup and change the stock to 20mm
  • Edit your pocket toolpath - the Max Depth is 15mm

The OP would like it to be 20mm instead.

In tools like VCarve, you can do this:


Which creates a dynamic value for the cut depth.



Now I see the 15MM stays persistent instead of auto updating when you change the material thickness. So to get your stock bottom to change I suppose you have to edit the tool path and choose the stock bottom and it should update to 20MM because the material thickness was changed.

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