Carbide Create Closes On Its Own

Hi all,

Recently purchased a Shapeoko 3, set up and Hello World went smoothly. Did a few easy test pieces with no issues.

Decided to try something a little more complex, a carving of a rare U.S. postage stamp, “The Inverted Jenny”. Imported the svg to CC and starting setting it up. Every time that I click on v carve, contour, or texture, CC closes almost immediately on its own.

It appears that larger file sizes are causing this as I’ve tried other svg’s that are less complex and there’s no problems. I’ve also tried similar svg’s of higher complexity and they close CC as well.

If it matters, I run an Alienware X51, Windows 10 home all up to date, 64bit, 6 gig ram and 930 gig hd.

Thanks for any help!

Please send the Carbide Create .c2d file in to us at and we’ll try to have a developer look into it.