Carbide Create Command List?

I started using Carbide Create and am liking its simplicity, but am getting frustrated with trying to do some simple things as there seems to be no list of available commands. Like I needed to duplicate this same circle several times. I looked for a command, but there’s no menus. I tried ctrl-d which is pretty widely used as ‘duplicate’ but that didn’t work. Then I was watching the video tutorial on booleans and the use of ctrl-c was mentioned just in passing - but here was my answer! To that one problem anyway.

So, does anyone have a list of available commands they could share?


So far I have managed to discover:

ctrl-C to duplicate
ctrl-G to group objects

If no one has such a list perhaps we could all share what we know and build one right here?

There’s a bit of a page on the wiki: — added ctrl C and linked it back to your post.

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on mac FUNCTION + DELETE will delete anything currently selected. Not sure why the delete button doesn’t just do this.

Also on mac ESC will get you out of the current tool or selection and just bring you to the default design pane.