Carbide Create Compatible GCode from Vectric Cut3D

I recently purchased a Shapeoko 3 and have only used Carbide Create and Motion to make designs and run jobs. I would like to use Vectric Cut3D but am not sure if it will provide the GCode needed. It does not have an option for .egc files. Does anyone know if there is another post processor format I should use that will work natively in Carbide Motion? I don’t know anything about modifying GCode so I’m hoping for a simple solution if possible.

.egc is encrypted G-code — it’s specific to Carbide Create and Carbide Motion — the idea is to make Create freely available, but limit its output to people who have machines.

.gc, .tap and .nc are more typical extensions — I usually use .gcode, but I’m a verbose kinda guy.

V-Carve works well w/ the Shapeoko (and other machines running Grbl such as the Nomad). Details at: including a link to a pre-processor intended for the Nomad which I believe would work well with the Shapeoko:

(if not, there’s a link to: or )

Thanks so much for the great info! It’s very much appreciated.

I have Vcarve Desktop 8.5. It ships with a Shapeoko pre-processor, and it works fine. I design my stuff in Vcarve, then save the toolpaths to gcode files. Carbide Motion runs them just fine.

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Thanks Greg. It looks like VCarve now includes what I need from Cut3D for just $50 more so I bought that instead of Cut3D. Thanks again!