Carbide Create Ctrl C does not copy to PC Clipboard

When I use Ctrl C to copy an object the copied object is not in the Windows clipboard. If there any chance that in the future this could be in the system clipboard. I make presentations and would like to copy objects into the presentations. Since CC does not have anything but export as an svg and that is not always a good image I would like to use the copied objects in other applications.

In what way does an exported SVG not match the object in the drawing area in Carbide Create?

EDIT: A suggested work-around is to use a screen capture program

FWIW, I re-drew the Carbide Create interface to create some of the screengrabs at:

The exported svg has cut off edges and would be simpler if curing a Ctrl C it also exported to the system clipboard. Additionally objects outside the material are often cut off even though I select “Visible” objects or have selected all objects on the screen.

I can use the snip application in windows to capture the parts I want but it is extra work that would seem a simple fix to export to the clipboard.

I would think there’s a resolution issue if you use a screen capture. CTRL-C stores the object itself (in full detail), whereas the screen capture is just pixels - at whatever resolution you have your screen. I would think snipping is apples and oranges, depending on what you want to do with the copied object.